Here are several links mentioned during the OLA Photo Workshop, October 2016


20 Composition Techniques That Will Improve Your Photos link

What Can Photographers Learn from the Classic Rules of Composition? link

10 Top Photography Composition Rules link

Photo Technique

Relationship between ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed link

Understanding Aperture – A Beginner’s Guide link

Beginner’s guide to Shutter Speed link

Understanding Shutter Speed link

The Focal Length vs Shutter Speed Rule (what speed can you hand-hold?) link

21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know link

Getting off Auto – Manual, Aperture and Shutter Priority modes explained link

How to Read Your Camera's Histogram link

Understanding Histograms link

Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera link

11 Key Differences Between the Micro 4/3 vs. the DSLR (crop factor, bokeh) link

A Concise Explanation of How Crop Factor Affects Both Focal Length AND Aperture link

Pixels and Printing: Size Matters link

Color Management - A Walkthrough link

Color Management Overview (Advanced) link

Photo Courses

Lecture on Digital Photography (Stanford/Google) link

2016’s Best Free Online Courses and Tutorials for Photographers link


Nik Software (free!) link

How to use Nik Software link

HDR Soft ($39 or $99) link 

Adobe Camera Raw ($10/mo.) – part of Creative Cloud Photography link

Sol: Sun Clock – Daylight Forecaster & Solar Alarm ($3.99 on App Store) link

Photo Gear

Mirrorless Camera Guide link

How to Get Started in DSLR Photography for Under $300 link

Suggested lenses ($$$$): 24mm or 24mm Tilt/Shift, 70-200 (f/4 or f/2.8)

Prime lenses ($$$): 50mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8, 28mm 2.8

Tripod ($470): Manfrotto 458B NeoTec Pro Photo Aluminum Tripod MFR # 458B link

Gear Head ($280): Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head link

Ball Head ($92): Sirui G-10X Ball Head MFR # BSRG10X link

Flash/Flash remotes (TTL capable): Phottix

Review: The Best Monitors for Photo Editing link

Photo Editing Monitor Buyer’s Guide – October 2016 link

Color Management ColorMunki Display or i1 Display Pro link

Camera Suppliers & Prints

Allen’s Camera ph:215-547-2841 contact: Brandon Leichter

Dodd Camera – Charlie Grainer

B&H Photo – mail order

Bay Photo - printer

MPIX - printer

Photo Articles

Great Photography Sells More (Landscaping) Jobs link

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